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Down, down the river

I went down the Sella River last Sunday. An exciting and rewarding experience, but I could hardly move my arms and most of my body ached the next days! Never mind, I managed to cross “the Finish Line” at LLovio (15 kms), so I was really proud of myself. Well, to tell you the truth, I think most of the many other tourists there got to the end too. So, it’s not really difficult and I recommend it to you.

Here you can read some interesting facts about the history of this international sports event. On the same web you can find information about the companies of canoes that organize the tourist descent of the Sella to give you all that you need to enjoy the charm of that beautiful river.

Writing about a river has reminded me of an incredible song: The River, by Bruce Springsteen. The first time I heard this song (a long, long time ago, around 1980) I understood only a few sentences, but I could feel the melancholy and sadness behind the lyrics.

I think it’s a beautiful ballad that tells you about how a young person’s dreams of love and hapiness in the future run up against a reality full of responsibilities and demands. The realization of ‘their lost paradise’ is the most painful for them, although there’s still a bit of hope if they manage to cling to their memories.
I hope you enjoy it. However I should warn you that there are a few expressions which are not grammatically correct, e. g. she don’t. But, as you probably know, that’s what they call the artistic license.
Here is a video of one of his performances. After watching and listening just for fun, perhaps you would like to focus on the lyrics.

You can read the lyrics here:

August 22, 2008 - Posted by | MISCELLANEOUS, MUSIC, VIDEOS

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