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A puzzle to solve, by Lorena Requena 1ºI-NI

Lorena has sent this interesting puzzle for us to try to solve. brainThank you for making us rack our brains!

GAME 1: What do you think about it?

A young and beautiful woman felt sad. Her husband didn’t pay attention to her because he was working all day.
One day, while her husband was away on a journey, she went with her lover who lived on the other side of the river. The next day, she wanted to come back home before her husband did. But she found a few problems.
On the bridge there was a madman and he told her that he would kill her if she crossed the bridge.
In the river there was a boatman. She didn’t have money to pay him and she said to him that if he helped her to cross the river then, when they were on the other side, she would pay him because she had the money at home. The boatman said: “No, first the money, then we’ll cross the river”. She turned to her lover who didn’t want to help her.
The woman was hopeless. She remembered a friend who lived near there and she went to see him. They had been friends since childhood and he was in love with her since then. The woman told him all her story and her problem but the friend didn’t give her the money because he was disappointed with her.
Finally she decided to cross the bridge and the madman killed the woman.

Who was responsible for the woman’s death?
The husband? The lover? The friend? The boatman? The madman? Or the woman?

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How can I improve my writing?


Whenever I hand out your writing tests after grading them, a helpless-looking face asks me that question. I wish I had a quick, sure and effective formula for improving writing skills, but I can’t help thinking that reading and writing, writing and reading,… is the way to success.

There are some good sites which can help you on your journey to better written English.  I recommend you this one today.

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