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My team, by Jose Ignacio García 1ºI-NI

Hello everybody,

My name is Nacho. I’m 29 and I’m working in a steel company, in the purchasing department. I´m living in Aviles, but I grew up in Pillarno, a village near Aviles. I have lived in Aviles since February, when I moved to a flat with my girlfriend.
What I really like most is playing football. I had never played in a serious team, only with friends. That was in this way until last year, when I joined Pillarno Football Team.
C.D. Pillarno, was founded in 1979 and disappeared in 1990. But two years ago, some friends decided to re-found the team, and they called me to play in the team.
Nowadays, I’m very happy to play in it. I recognise that going to play 100km away from your home is very hard , but to play and train with all my team-mates is something amazing.
I really think that playing in a team is a fantastic experience for everyone. You can make a lot of friends, learn to work in a team, and do the best for the group and not only for yourself. Playing in Pillarno is great.
This year we lost our first nine matches (yes, it is difficult to do it worse), but we won the last three (this is difficult too).We are in the 16th position of 18 teams. At the end of the year, we hope to be in about the 6th position.
If I were you, I’d become a fan of C.D.Pillarno. We need your breath.
I include a link to our web site: http://deportivopillarno.com

Best regards.


December 13, 2008 - Posted by | STUDENTS' CORNER

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