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Compulsory reading, 1ºE, 1ºI, 1ºL -NI

This the front cover of the book you’ll have to read during the rest of the year The Sugar Glider, by Rob Neilsen, Cambridge English Readers, level 5.


I mentioned in class that the title of the book was the name of the plane you can see in the picture, and that the aircraft was named like that after a quite peculiar animal. Andrés Moreno, 1ºL-NI, has sent us this interesting, clear and visually attractive document with information about the animal. Read it and you will understand why that plane is called The Sugar Glider.

View this document on Scribd

You have already read the Prologue and Chapter 1 in class, and you have done some written and oral exercises on this. After reading the beginning of this story, how do you think it will continue? what do you think it will happen? what will  the end be like? You can write a comment here or send your answer by email.

After you have read the book you can do the activities suggested in our “brand-new”  EOI Library blog About reading, a reading corner for English learners.


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