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A week for past memories

This has been the week of anniversaries, celebrations and memories of the past:

from the sad 5th anniversary of  the death of the writer Stieg Larsson (9 November, 2004), the author of the popular Millenium trilogy.stieg2

or the joyous celebration of the start of the TV programme for children Sesame Street (10 November, 1969)Michelle-Obama-on-Sesame--001sesame

to the commemoration of two important historical events in the last century: the fall of the Berlin Wall (9 November 1989) berlin

and the end of the First World War (11 November, 1918)armistice

I have been a distant witness of some of these happenings and, although I was not  aware of their relevance at the time, I feel now sort of proud that I saw them on the go. I haven’t forgotten the music of Sesame Street, which I still manage to sing in my head again and again and, strangely enough, what I best remember about the fall of the Wall is the image on a screen of a spectacular concert that took place in Postdamer Platz, Berlin, 8 months later.

Twenty years have passed since the World was  witness of that momentous event: Berlin citizens from the Two Germanies climbing the infamous ‘Wall of Shame’ to greet each other. It was the climax of a pacific anti-opression movement that had been taking place for the last months. It was a bloddless revolution where people used their arms, not those that hurt others in wars but the ones that human beings can use to climb walls, hold to other people’s hands and embrace each other.

As for the First World War, although  further back in time, we should not forget that it meant a terrible loss of human lives (the death of more than 15 million people) and had worldwide consequences.


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