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It’s all in the past

These are some links to help you study past tenses:

Irregular Verbs List

Simple past :     explanation exercise 1

Past continuous:    explanation exercise 2 exercise 2

Past perfect:     explanation exercise 3

Past perfect continuous:      explanation exercise 4

Mixed past tenses exercise


December 7, 2009 - Posted by | 2nd INT


  1. This happened to me when I was in a Spain – USA flight. I was trying to sleep, when suddenly the little boy that was seating on the aisle seat next to us started shouting and crying. We became so nervous, because he looked really hysteric. We decided to wake up his mother that was sleeping with headphones in. She didn`t worry to much about the matter, she only said, that his son was a bit nervous about flying on the plane, and she just kept on sleeping.
    So then we decided to look forward for something in our bags to entertain the boy, but just at that moment, the flight-attendant came and gave the boy a little bell for playing. The boy stopped crying, but in the end, although he felt better, we couldn`t sleep during the eight-hour travel because of the bell’s ringing.

    Comment by VERÓNICA | December 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. This happened to me last Halloween when I was with my friends in an old house next to a church. At midnight I realized that there were absent two of my friend so we decided to go around the house and the church, but our friends weren’t there. So then we phoned one of the lost girl and a man took the phone. When we asked for them and for who he was, the man said ‘I won’t tell you anything’.We were afraid and we started shouting because we thought that the man who caught the phone was a kidnapper who had caught our friends. Some minutes later the girls appeared. They were very good and and they had only been walking near the house. The problem was that the number we phoned wasn’t the number of our friend because she had changed it. After all, we laughed remembering the scary story.

    Comment by Sarah | December 12, 2009 | Reply

  3. This happened to me when I was taking off on a flight out of Heathrow airport. I was sitting in my seat near the airplane wing area when suddenly we heard a terrible noise coming from the turbine of the plane. I turned my head to look through the window because I had never heard a noise so horrible in my life. People started to scream but I decided to stay calm because I couldn’t do anything. So when I looked for a flight-attendant noticed his face contorted and I thought that was the end. Suddenly, the voice of the pilot told us we had a damaged turbine and we would do an emergency landing. We turned around and when we were approaching the runway I looked out the window again, seeing that the whole road was full of foam and had a lot of fire trucks. Finally the landing was successful and the plane was stopped in the middle of the runway. Eventually all the passengers were turned out by a type of inflatable slide. I felt I was reborn that day because those were the 10 worst minutes of my life.

    Comment by Vicente | December 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. Well, last year I had planned a trip to London with my friends. I usually travel in low cost airlines. The plane left at about 10am. Assuming that the bus that took us to the airport took three quarters of an hour to get to London Stansted, to be checking bags an hour and a half in advance and that the bus we had to get very far from where we were staying … the conclusion was that we had to get up early a lot! We woke up with time, We arrived with time to catch the bus, and arrived in time for luggage check. We were even the first to check luggage. We had plenty of time. It was more than hour and a half for our plane took off. We entered the gate area. We were extremely tired and very sleepy, so we sat in a coffee and a chat. At the time a friend asked me.
    What time is it? Ten I said .
    what time does the plane?
    I looked at my boarding pass …
    At ten, I said.
    I could not believe the situation. I remember that all we are silent, we did not say anything, and a moment later we all ran towards gate. Our gate was 23. I looked up and saw an information panel placed indicating where the different gates. we had to get there 13 minutes walk
    suddenly shouted, NOW comes the airplane! We ran like we’ve never run. every second counted. At last we saw in the distance the gate. The staff of the airport had collected the boarding cards.they had noticed that there were missing people.We were waiting for us, but at the end, they could not wait any longer and the plane had taken off…
    We explain what had happened and try to get other tickets but there was another flight until one week after
    I felt really stupid.

    Comment by Cecilia | December 15, 2009 | Reply

  5. Elena thankyou!. The history “the death car” was wery fantastic!. I like very much the mistery books, and short stories.

    Comment by pili | November 30, 2015 | Reply

    • It’s good to know you’ve liked it. I’m also fond of stories that keep you in suspense until the end.
      If you enjoy reading thrillers and suspense stories/books, you should come to our school library: we’ve got quite a number of them. I can help you choose!

      Comment by elenec | December 2, 2015 | Reply

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