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A meeting point for you and me

The older the better

Dear students,

We’ve been together since 1st October, but I’m still meeting new pupils -the ones who have just enrolled, and those who haven’t been able to attend classes until quite recently, so I’ve decided to write you this letter now.

You know, things here at school have changed a lot. Several teachers are not working at Avilés EOI this year and they have to teach at other education centres. Those who are older teachers at the EOI -like me- have remained. The older the better; what a contradiction! I would never have imagined that growing old could be a “blessing” at my job.

They -the people above us who take the BIG decisions- say that we are too many teachers, they say that we have too many groups, they say that you have too many school hours, they say that you are too few students… However I don’t think that reducing the number of teachers, groups and hours is going to promote the learning of languages or improve the quality of our educational system.  Perhaps these measures will diminish the impact of the economic crisis in our region but won’t they have a negative impact on education? I’m sure they will.

Anyway, here we are again, back  in our classrooms and quite involved in helping our students to find their way in the process of learning  foreign languages. As for me, I’ve never been so relieved to finish this letter with my usual farewell.

See you in class!

Elena E


October 28, 2010 - Posted by | Reading

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