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Adjectives as nouns and adjective order links

Here you have some links to study this grammar point more in depth:

Try any or all these easy quizzes to check your difficulties using nationality adjectives:   quiz 1 quiz 2 quiz 3
If you had problems I recommend you to revise any of these lists:  list 1 list 2

To revise the use of the + some adjectives to talk about specific groups of people I suggest these links: explanation exercise

or for the use of one and ones: exercise 1

As for the position of adjectives before a noun, although it is impossible to give a clear rule which will work in all circumstances, here is an acceptable order for adjectives.

Determiner Observation Physical Description Origin Material Qualifier Noun
Size Shape Age Color
a beautiful old Italian touring car
an expensive antique silver mirror
four gorgeous long-
red silk roses
her short black hair
our big old English sheepdog
those square wooden hat boxes
that dilapidated little hunting cabin
several enormous young American basketball players
some delicious Thai food

(taken from http:// grammar.ccc.commnet/edu/grammar )

Finally I think you could try this general quiz on adjectives


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