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‘Imagine’ topped the charts again and again

The song by John Lennon was a big hit in 1971 and for the second time was top in the charts in 1980 after Lennon was murdered. Later in 2001 it became a hit again after the terrorist attacks on 11th September.

Although John’s most famous song has topped the charts again and again and many of you have probably heard it again and again too, why not one more time today?

Here you can listen to it and do the worksheet I’ve handed out to you in class or perhaps you will prefer to try an easy activity (Imagine) you can download yourselves or print on My English Printable Worksheets site.

If you want to check your answers, listen to the song and read the lyrics below:

Almost 40 years later Amy Winehouse,  the controversial  British singer, also hit the charts with her “Back to Black” album. Although her music  below is quite different from John Lennon’s Imagine, neither of them can leave you indifferent.

However, we don’t know yet if she will do it again and again, too. She has had a troubled personal life. You can read a short text about her life and do a reading exercise and other activities here.


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