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Olimpia reviews This time it’s personal


TITLE: This time it´s Personal

AUTHOR: Alan Battersby

GENRE: Thriller



Nathan Marley, a private investigator in New York, gets involved in a case of Russian Community illegal immigration.  It all begins when José De La Cruz, the brother of Stella Delgado who is Marley´s personal assistant, is charged with the murder of Alexei Romanov, a Russian community man with a fine reputation.

In this situation, and with José inhospital, seriously injured and unable to remember anything, Marley and Stella work side by side searching for the truth, to clear Jose´s name  because they are sure that he is only a harmless boy, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Finally, with NYPD and Romanov´s widow help, they not only find out the real murderer, but they also make a connection between the murder and lots of dead young Russian men, who were found out on the beach. In this way, they also uncover a huge illegal immigration and dirty money operation; and fortunately, José is declared innocent.



Nathan Marley: he describes himself as “an ordinary-looking guy, bald, overweight and on the wrong side of forty”. He works as a private investigator in New York City, but in the past he used to be a NYPD officer. He is intelligent because he does his job very well and has a lot of contacts in the NYPD.

Stella Delgado: Stella is a young Puerto Rican woman in her late twenties, who works as Marley’s personal assistant. She is a woman who never gives up, because she had a really difficult childhood, but then it took her years of night school study to catch up on her education. During the story, she works hard to prove her brother’s innocence.

José De La Cruz; he is Stella’s brother, a young Puerto Rican harmless boy, who has had a really tough childhood. Nowadays he is looking desperately for a job for the summer season.

Mrs. Romanov:  he is the Alexei Romanov’s widow, and as she has a lot of contacts in the Russian Community, she is a precious help to Nathan and Stella investigation.



I really enjoyed the story because it is a thriller book, which is the genre that I usually read in the Spanish language.Besides, the author knows how to keep the intrigue throughout the story.


The best part of the story, is for me, when that the dangerous criminal Mossolov is found to be a woman.

From this story I have learned how important the Russian Community in the U.S.A. is. Also I have learned important things about illegal immigration.



I would read more books by this author because as I said before, he knows how to keep the intrigue, and it is easy to read his story without confusing parts. So I would recommend this book to everyone, because reading books is a funny way to learn English.

May 30, 2011 - Posted by | 2nd INT, BOOKS

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