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Raquel reviews He knows too much


Title: He knows too much

Author: Alan Maley

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: CAMBRIDGE University Press

Level: Intermediate; Cambridge English Readers Level 6

  • Plot

It is a mystery book because you can´t find out what will really happen to the character until the end. Furthermore it keeps you intrigued in each chapter.

The story takes place between England and India during the 80’s and 90’s, a time of abundant capitalism.

The book is about an English executive, Dick Sterling (the main character of the book), who tries to discover why he was unjustly dismissed from the company where he had been working for 20 years. During his research he discovers that his boss and other workers were committing tax fraud in their company, and also they kept other secrets. In the course of his investigation his marriage breaks up, but finally he manages to find love again and he realizes that revenge is not always good.

  • Characters
    • Dick Sterling à He is the general manager in Madras, India, of Trakton, a multinational manufacturing company. He is a hard worker and he doesn´t support the injustice. He is the main character.
    • Keith Lennox à Dick´s boss at Trakton. He is very ambitious and a big liar.
    • Visvanathan (Vish) à He is the office manager at Trakton. He is an unscrupulous person who could do anything to achieve his aims.
    • Molly à Vish´s wife. She also works at Trakton.  She is a big liar and cajole.
    • John Verghese à He is the son of Molly and Keith.
    • Sally Sterling à Dick´s wife. She is rich and a very independent person.
    • Barbara Lennox à Keith´s wife. She is living a big lie.
    • Ramanathan (Ramu) à Dick´s personal assistant at Trakton. He is an honest man who helps to Dick with his investigation.
    • Nagarajan and Ned Outram à Nagarajan is in Accounts at Trakton, and Ned is a former employee at Trakton. Both were dismissed in the same way as Dick.
    • Lakshmi à Nagarajan´s daughter. She and Dick fall in love, and she is a great support to him.
    • Sir Percy Hanock à Former chief executive of Trakton, once head of Delhi office.
    • Sir Jeremy Jackson (Jacko) à retired professor of comparative philology at Cambridge. He helps to Dick with the investigation about John Verghese.
  • Personal opinion and Conclusion

It is an entertaining and surprising book, because in each chapter you can discover a new clue that helps you to get hooked on the story little by little.

For me, the best part of the book is the end, because you think that Dick is going to take revenge on his enemies, but finally he doesn´t need to use the information that he has discovered, because everything is discovered by chance.

After reading this book I learned that revenge isn´t the best way to resolve the problems, because I think that eventually everyone is put in their rightful place.

Finally I would recommend reading this book because it is easy to understand and is entertaining; moreover, the book makes you think about how we should act against injustice.

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