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Sonia reviews Deadly Harvest

“Deadly Harvest” is a fiction book about two murders. It´s written by Carolyn Walker.

In a quiet small English town, a woman and a man, Rose Carter and Mervin Peck, were found killed in a short period of time, only a few days. The young female detective Jane Honeywell, who has just moved to this beautiful town, is the person responsible for the cases. She works together with her partner Pete Fish trying to find a connection between both murders. So they and the rest of the staff of Criminal Investigation Department have to find out all possible suspects. Among them, there is Jack Peck, the murdered man´s brother, and his wife Susan Peck, and a woman called Jo Keaning who woks at the same factory where Jack works. The factory is dedicated to the scientific research in animal vaccines. But it seems they have some rather shady practices there.

Personally, I think the story is quite dull and rather predicable. In fact, there are two killers and only three main suspects. The rest of the people can be easily dismissed by yourself. Besides, the events happening are not exciting. At the end, and due to the writer’s futile purpose to give some emotion to the story, there´s a police pursuit without much enthusiam.

On the other hand, it´s a book which is difficult to read; there are too many phrasal verbs and complicated expressions. Definitely, I didn´t like it.

May 30, 2011 - Posted by | 2nd INT, BOOKS

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