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Laura on Man from the South and other Stories

Man from the South and other Stories is  brilliantly funny and unforgettable. I recommend this book because it´s very easy to read, although it´s for advanced level.

Some stories were funny, like in Man from the South, where and old man and a young American sailor bit that the sailor could win a car or lost one finger, or when in the last story, two poachers hunt pheasants using raisins and pain back´s drug.

Other stories are unforgettable and a little awful, like Pig. It´s about a child who lived with his aunt because the police killed his parents when they were coming by the living room´s window. The police thought that they were robbers. Finally this child was killed like a pig… Also the story about a woman who stuffed pets and young men is really terrifying.

All stories had one thing in common. When you finish a short story you must think and remember all the details that the writer mentioned, because he was teaching that nowadays only clever or luckily people can be saved.

In my opinion, this book is very entertaining and you must read it if you want to spend a good time.


May 19, 2012 - Posted by | 2nd INT, Reading, STUDENTS' CORNER, Writing

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