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Sonia reviews A Puzzle for Logan

The title of the book that I read is A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN.



It is a detective story. Two police officers  in Edinburgh, Inspector Jenny Logan and Sergeant Grant, investigate the escape from prison of the murderer Ronnie Campel, who killed Craig Sinclair seven years ago, and the death of Morag Machenzie, who is the person that made the police think that Campel killed Sinclair.

Finally, they discover that the murder who killed Morag Mackenzie and Craig Sinclair is the same person, Robert Baxter, who is a businessman and a hard criminal in Edinburgh but the police have never caught him.


I think that the main characteres are:

Jenny Logan, who is an inspector in the Edinburgh Police.

She has short brown hair and dark brown eyes and a long nose. She is a pretty and an intelligent woman. She works hard but because she is good-looking, people don’t always take her seriously.

Sergeant Grant, who is an officer helping Inspector Logan.

He is fifty-nine years old but looks younger. His hair is thick and black and he has a large black moustache.

Both discover who is the murder.


I liked the story because I was intrigued until the end of the book.

I think that the best part of the book was at the end when Mr. Maxter, after Jenny Logan had believed him,  she found a man who saw him leaving Sinclair’s body in the place where the body and his car were found, told the truth and recognized he was the murderer.

The story made me feel thrilled.

The new things that I learnt from this book were the new words and expressions.

I recommend this book because it is entertaining and the story is nice and interesting.

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