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Laura G. on Man from the South and other Stories

Hello readers!

Today, I’m going to talk about a book by Rohal Dahl. The book is called “Man from the South and other stories.” It’s not a novel book or something like that; the book tells seven stories. Each story is different and independent from the other ones.


I highly recommend this book to everyone, but specially to those ones who are studying English; it’ll help you to have a richer vocabulary – at least, it’s happened to me- and it isn’t too hard to read either.


Let’s talk about the stories now: one of the characteristics of the book is its way to amaze people: while you’re reading it, you may have the slightest idea of the possible ending, but then, the last thing that could ever cross you mind, happens. For example (excuse the spoiler), but, the “Pig” story’s ending.God, that’s a big example. How could we ever imagine that the starring character after his aunt’s death, would end up dying like a pig? (Literally!) Or the first story! When the guys begin to bet about the light, and that fingerless woman appears… that was totally unexpected! Those are just a few examples of how speechless the endings can leave you. (Everything’s not what it seems!) I also noticed how common crimes, deaths and tricks are.


In conclusion: here you have a few misterious stories to have a good time while practicing your English. And, if you take my advice and decide to read the book, I’ll ask for something in advance: be suspicious about everything and don’t ever expect it to end in a normal way. Enjoy the reading!

May 27, 2012 - Posted by | 2nd INT, Reading, STUDENTS' CORNER, Writing

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