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Maria Jesús on Man from the South and other Stories

In my opinion the seven stories have in common  the surprising argument. I felt absolutely socked and delighted with the main people who suffer sometimes and others  they are about to suffer incredible  risks. I agree with the article,  all of the stories are brilliantly funny and unforgettable and  have a message for us too.

            Firstly, I thought that the book should be about one only story but all the caracters were feeling the same. They felt sometimes  disappointed (such as the wife of the man who bet with an american  her wife’s car or Bill when he discovered that the landlady had stuffed all her guests, so obviously she wasn’t friendly, as he had thought) and others felt miserable or terrified, like the boy that has been killed by the snike, or the petrol station workers when the  pheasants that they had proached,  went out of the pram, besacuse the slleping pills had stopped producing their  drug effect.


            Secondly, I’ve liked this book because of the message that I’ve found at the end of the stories.


            Finally, I would recommend these incredible stories to everybody who loves reading, they’ll be very suspicious at the beginning but if they try on and try on again, they’ll enjoy this reading time in the end

May 27, 2012 - Posted by | 2nd INT, Reading, STUDENTS' CORNER, Writing

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