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Extreme/strong adjectives

Overusing the word ‘very’ can make your speech or writing quite dull and monotonous. A good way to avoid that would be to use ‘extreme/strong adjectives’ (awful, fascinating, terrified, huge…) instead of  using ‘very’ and an ‘ordinary adjective’ (bad, interesting, frightened, big…). For example, you can can say you have just read a fascinating book instead of just describing the book as very interesting.

Remember that if you want to use an adverb to make an extreme adjective even stronger, you cannot use ‘very’;  you have to use ‘really’ or ‘absolutely/totally/completely…’. However, before an ordinary adjective, you can use either ‘very’ or ‘really/fairly/quite/incredibly…’

These activities and exercises can help you to study this:





October 25, 2012 - Posted by | 1st ADV, GRAMMAR

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