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30 Years of Thriller

30 years ago Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released and up to this day, that album has remained the best-selling album of all time.michael-jackson-thriller

The first time I saw the video it was late at night. I remember I was in bed and I had a small TV on a chair beside my bedroom in my host family’s home in London. The TV was black and white and the picture quality was really poor. When the first images appeared on my small screen I just thought it was just one of those late night horror movies which I’d never had stomach for, but something made feel more curious and I kept on watching. Suddenly the music started and I was startled; I hadn’t expected it to be a music video. I don’t really think I liked it much at that time, and it really made me a little bit scared that night.

After that day, I’ve heard and seen Thriller many times and I’ve learnt to appreciate it more and more throughout the years. In my opinion it’s really worth seeing, but what do you think of it?

Here you have a worksheet with several tasks on the lyrics of the song.


December 1, 2012 - Posted by | MUSIC, VIDEOS

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