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What money can buy


There is a song by The Beatles that says that money can’t buy somebody, and I agree that not everything in this world is up for sale. However, money can buy the things that make your life much easier and much more comfortable.  The question  is what things a person considers necessary and how much money they want to feel their needs are fully satisfied. Sadly, there are a minority of citizens in this world that never seem to fullfill their needs; they always need more and more and more… and they never seem to be satisfied. That’s why the rich are getting richer and the poor are poorer and poorer every day.

Here you have some links with activities on the topic of money:

Money vocabulary


Online vocabulary and exercises on money

Reading and listening: Black Fridaymoney2

Finally, perhaps you will enjoy listening to another song by the same band, The Beatles, where they claimed that money was what they wanted. Funny, istn’t it? They seemed to be in an great dilemma on the importance of money. Well, on second thoughts, probably we are all caught in the same impossible dilemma.

This song has been suggested by one student. Thank you, Alejandro. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

Click here for the lyrics.

December 2, 2012 - Posted by | 1st INT, MUSIC, SKILLS, VOCABULARY


  1. I think this is an interesting Jessie J song about money: “Price Tag”. The link includes both the video and lyrics.


    Comment by Alejandro | December 6, 2012

  2. Thanks for your suggestion. That’s a really good one for our topic, and definitely trendier than the others! 😉

    Comment by elenec | December 6, 2012

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