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A look back on the year 2012

1012 is drawing to a close rapidly and that has made me thought that I might ask you to choose an event from among the many stories that have occurred this year. Then I’ve wondered which one I would pick myself  and the death of Emilio Aragón, the clown ‘Miliki’ , has first sprung to my mind. ‘How sad!’ I’ve thought. ‘How can I only recall a sad piece of news?’ But then I’ve realized that the memories his death has brought are full of joy and happiness because those were the feelings he and his circus family aroused whenever they asked us, Spanish children, ‘How are “ustedes”?’


That funny face brought the best in us when he with Gaby and Fofó taught children to sing and laugh in unison. At that time we did not have computers, Playstations or XBoxes. There were only two channels on  Spanish TV, which still broadcast in black and white when they began work on “The Great Circus of TVE” program. We grew up laughing at their prodigious humour sketches and singing “Hello Don Pepito”, “Susanita has a mouse” and many other songs.  We, people in our 40’s or 50’s now, will never forget those songs and perhaps we will or will have already passed them on to new generations of Spanish children.

Now this is your Christmas homework:

A look back on the year 2012
Choose one piece of news, event or anecdote that has taken place this year and try to summarize it in your own words.
On the first day after holidays -8th/9th January- each student will tell (NOT read) their story to their clasmates in no more than 3 minutes.
You can look for ideas on the Internet, but remember that you won’t be allowed to read your summary-only to show pictures to accompany your report- so try to organize your ideas. You might include information about the people/animals/things involved, the time, the place, the event/s that happened and the reason why you chose that story.

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