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Below are the statements I asked you to give your views on last week. They have been taken from esl.about.com

  • Making mistakes in English is OK as long as people understand you.

  • My friends should come from the same social background as I do.

  • It is impossible to have a happy family life and a successful career.

  • War is not an option for solving international disputes.

  • Multinational global corporations are to blame for most problems in the world today.

  • Women will never be equal to men in the workplace.

  • Marriage is outdated. There is no need for state or church approval or recognition of a partnership.

  • Gay marriage is wrong.

  • The death penalty is acceptable in some cases.

  • Celebrities earn too much money.

  • Foreigners should not be allowed to vote.

  • The government is responsible for making sure that all citizens of a country have at least a minimum living wage job.

  • Quality of life will greatly improve in the future.

  • Teachers give too much homework.

  • Military service should be obligatory.I-think.._large

You can use the expressions you learnt from the coursebook or you can choose others from the following list:

expressing opinions


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