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Choose one of the books in the list and write a review in about 250 words.

Levin, IraThe Boys from Brazil, Penguin Readers Level 4

Binchy, MaeveEvening Class, Penguin Readers Level 4

Forester, C. S., The African Queen, Oxford Bookworms Library 4

Vine, Barbara, The House of Stairs, Penguin Readers Level 4

Paretsky, Sara, Deadlock, Oxford Bookworms Library 5

Tey, Josephine, Brat Farrar, Oxford Bookworms Library 5

Leather, SueThe Amsterdam Connection,Cambridge English Readers Level 4

Naylor, HelenWhen Summer Comes,Cambridge English Readers Level 4

Wilson, Judith, Staying Together, Cambridge English Readers Level 4

Leather, SueDeath in the Dojo,Cambridge English Readers Level 5

Maley, Alan, A Tangled Web, Cambridge English Readers Level 5

Maley, AlanHe Knows Too Much,Cambridge English Readers Level 5

Naylor, HelenIn the Shadow of the Mountain,Cambridge English Readers Level 5

McGiffin, Janet, Murder by Art, Cambridge English Readers Level 5

Neilsen, Rod, The Sugar Glider, Cambridge English Readers Level 5



Introduction: general comments about the book

Title, author and kind of book (adventure, mystery, detective, romance, horror…)

Plot: a brief summary of what happens

You want to tell what the story is mostly about. What is the main event or conflict? What things lead up to it? Whathappens as a result?

Characters: briefly describe and comment on the main characters

What are they like?

Other information: anything else important that you want to say about the book

Did you like the story?What was the best part of the book?How did the story make you feel?Did you feel different things at different points in the story?What new things did you learn from this book?

Conclusion: include your personal recommendations here

Would you recommend this book? Why (not)?Would you read other books by this author?

You can read more about writing a book review below:

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