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Fawlty Towers is back again!

Did you enjoy the clip from an episode of the 1970’s  British sitcom (situation comedy) Fawlty Towers?

Unlucky Spanish waiter Manuel had difficulties to understand Basil’s intructions about laying the breakfast trays for their guests at the hotel. When rude Basil, the manager, told him he was being ‘too generous’ about the quantity of butter:

“There is too much butter on those trays” /ɒn ‘ðəʊz ‘treɪz /

Manuel misunderstood the last three words and thought he was saying the Spanish numbers:

“…uno, dos tres

Poor Manuel probably did not know yet that his problems with the English language were as serious as those of his pretentious boss with Spanish. In fact, Basil’s command of Manuel’s mother tongue was as faulty /ˈfɔːltɪ/  (=defective) as many things at Fawlty  /ˈfɔːltɪ/ Towers, the hotel where this situation and many others take place.

If you liked the funny characters and their misunderstandings at this ‘faulty’ hotel, I recommend you to watch this piece:

Click here is you want to read the script from this clip.

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