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Guess the mystery character!


mistery character

Our mystery character is a middle-aged British man with a funny appearance  He has brown hair and brown eyes. He has a large nose and big ears. He usually wears a brown suit with a red tie.

He rarely speaks but he is very good at solving the problems he usually causes himself in an unusual and comic way.

By the way, he’s is not real; he is a fictional character!

If you think you know his name, send a comment. I also encourage you to write your own descriptions for the rest of us to guess.

Yes, you guessed right: he is Mr Bean. Here you can see him in one of his funniest episodes

Finally, if  you want to learn more about descriptions, click here.

October 22, 2014 - Posted by | 1st INT, VIDEOS, Writing


  1. He has shoulder-lenght and straight brown hair, he has brown eyes too, he has moustache and beard and your lips are thin, he´s medium height, in my opinion he´s very thin, he has 36 years old.
    He´s a person clever, talkative and fun, you can watch him on the news on tv every day, he´s a new politician.
    He´s …

    Comment by Enrique | October 27, 2014

  2. Thanks, Enrique. I removed the name of your mistery character in case other students want to guess it.

    Comment by elenec | October 27, 2014

  3. He was an american actor of 50’s that dead in a car crash with a Porche called “The little bastard” when he was 24 years. He had a blond and wavy hair and a beautiful blue eyes. Really he was a very attractive guy but he was also very shy and insecure, in spite of he was a great actor.

    Comment by Naomi Díez Rodríguez 1º Intermedio Grupo H | October 29, 2014

  4. Thanks Elena. Your classes are very interesting and interactive. You always search for fun activities for us like this one.
    Mr. Bean is a special man because he is always making mistakes. He has good ideas but he usually screws up. He is about fifty, he isn´t good looking. He is funny and he seems like a good guy, although he doesn´t seem very clever. He stresses me because he spoils all his plans.

    Comment by lavanderoruiz | October 17, 2018

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words, and I’m very sorry I didn’t notice there was a comment on my old blog. It was totally unexpected, but very much appreciated! I’m really glad you enjoy our classes. To be honest, I enjoy teaching you all, too.
    I agree with you that Mr Bean can be a pain in the neck(annoying, disturbing) sometimes, but he is so funny!

    Comment by elenec | October 25, 2018

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