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Give a Little Bit

You’ve probably heard this song quite a few times, or maybe a lot, but do you know which band released it back in 1977? Well, Roger Hodgson brought it to his band Supertramp and they soon made it an international hit. Hodgson first wrote the song when he was still in his teens but didn’t record it until much later, when he was already a member of the English rock band. Years later, in 1983, he left the group and the former Supertramp co-founder continued his solo career.

That song has really taken on a life of its own, and I think it’s even more relevant today than when I wrote it. Because we really are needing to value love in a much deeper way, and also we’re needing to care. The song is basically saying: just show you care. You know, reach out and show you care. (Roger Hodgson)

The song has been recorded, played and performed lots of times, but it has also been used in TV, films, and for charities. Roger Hodgson’s version is currently the soundtrack of a commercial for a Seat car, which we have been seeing on Spanish TV recently. There was another TV ad -for Coca-Cola this time- that also used his version in 2012 and went soon viral. The commercial encouraged people to “look at the world a little differently.” and showed people being kind and sweet, and …, well, just human. Here you can download a worksheet on the Coke ad. Below you have the song performed by Hodgson solo: By the way, this year Roger Hodgson is giving two concerts, in Valencia and Murcia, in July. Just a few months later, in November, Supertramp are also performing in Barcelona and Madrid, as part of their Supertramp Forever tour in Europe.

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  1. This song lifts the heart and spirit, thank you for sharing, Elena! Roger Hodgson is one of my favorite songwriters. I will see him in concert in Valencia, Murcia, Marbella & Peralada this summer (July & August). It is always a fun time and a celebration to hear this one in concert, everyone singing along with Roger, hugging, dancing.. if you would like to go, details are on Roger’s website – http://www.rogerhodgson.com. “Send a smile and show that you care” … 🙂

    Comment by Celia | March 23, 2015

  2. My pleasure, Celia. I’ve liked this song since…long ago. It always lifts my spirits, even in gloomy and rainy days, like today.

    Comment by elenec | March 23, 2015

  3. Great blog post, Elena. Give a Little Bit is one of my favorites, too, from Roger Hodgson, the voice of Supertramp. I can’t wait to see him on his Breakfast in America Tour this year. Will catch his show in Nantes, France on 30 June when I’m on holiday there and then back in the US and Canada this November and December. His show is magnificent – I’d see him every night if I could. Check out more if his videos on his channel – http://www.YouTube.com/RogerHodgson.

    Comment by Eleanor | March 24, 2015

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