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What are you looking forward to?

Are you really excited and pleased that something is going to happen to you this year? Maybe it has already happened. Are there any good things coming up in the next few months: perhaps a special celebration or a long-awaited event in your life, or just a holiday?

Well, if that is the case, which I hope it is, you might be counting down the days. Supposing you even like to count down the seconds to a particular event in your life, I suggest you this website where you can personalize your own countdown timer.  Here you can see an example of a timer for New Year.


Last year -such a ‘long’ time ago already!- some of you shared your dream New Year’s plans with me. However, most of you were not able to make your dreams come true, I guess. But why not next Christmas? Let’s be optimistic and hope next end of the year you will be having that fastastic celebration you’ve already planned.


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