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This used to be my playground by Madonna

This is a beautiful ballad about wishing to keep your childhood memories when you’ve come to be an adult and life sometimes seems to be getting rougher and rougher every day. It’s all about longing for the time when you had lots of dreams and few worries. I’m not especially keen on Madonna, but I love this song.

The song is also a very good example of the verb form “used to” to express past habits or facts. Here you’ve got some links to help you understand it.


‘used to’ grammar

Grammar and exercises

Exercise about Madonna’s song

ELS Quiz:  Memories_Used to

A whole lesson (BBC Learning English) with lots of activities on Used to for past habits

Grammar lessons and exercises » used to, be used to, get used to



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Past simple regular verbs endings

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Writing emails

The following sites can help you to learn about writing emails in English:emails

Differences between formal and informal emails:

Writing an informal email or letter:

Writing emails: openings and endings:

Examples of informal emails:

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Here comes Halloween!

Here you have some activities for this spooky season:

Video about the history of Halloween:

Comprehension questions about the video

Video script:

” Monster mash” song and past forms activity


And many more activities here:


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Yaiza reviews Two Lives


Title: “Two lives”

Author: Helen Naylor

Genre: Romance

This is a book from the publisher Cambridge University Press.

First published in 2001.



The novel tells a love story between two teenagers, Huw and Megan who live in Tredonald in Wales, around the year 1946.

They fall in love but he goes to Canada so that his father does not start drinking or suffering again. And they know nothing more of each other. He sends letter to her but her father does not let her see them. Fifty years later they know something else about each other. Huw discovers he is a father.  Huw comes back to Tredonald to meet his daughter. Megan is getting married to Paul, but at the end she will marry Huw.



Huw Thomas: he is 16 years old. He lives with his father, David, and his brother, Gareth. His mother died when he was younger. He works in the mine with his brother but he studies too. He goes to Canada so that his father does not start drinking or suffering again.

Gareth Thomas: Huw’s brother works and dies in the mine.

David Thomas: Huw’s father drinks and spends all the money on it.

Megan Jenkins: a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, works in the family’s shop in the town.

Harry Jenkins: Megan’s father.

Beth Jones: Megan’s daughter lives in Cardiff.

Philip Jones: Beth’s husband likes golf.

Paul: Megan’s fiancé.

Mike: Huw’s son lives in Toronto.

Rebecca: Mike’s wife.



I love this story because the plot is the best; it is a story that grips you. The best part is at the end when you know with whom she is going to stay and the worst part is when they are separated. This story almost made me cry.

This story made me learn new words that I didn’t know.



I recommend this book because the love story between Huw and Megan is very interesting because you do not know how it will end until the end.


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David reviews Eye of the Storm



“Eye of the storm” it’s a Mandy Loader’s book. She is a writer and she was born in U.K. She has written numerous language books and courses, but particularly enjoys writing readers.
This book is a romance and fright novel. It’s a funny and curious book, about love and the power of the force of nature, and how this force changes the life of the characters who appear.
The principal event of this story is a terrible storm that menaces the coast of Miami and the people who live there.
Ikemi: she is a young girl who lives near Florida Beach, in Key Biscane to be precise. She is in love but sad because her father does not approve of her relation.
Hiru: he’s Ikemi’s father. He’s a widower and he’s very worried about Ikemi. Fishing is his favourite hobby; while he’s fishing, he forgives his problems and also forgives the death of his wife. He doesn’t approve of Ikemi’s relation, and he’s a very obstinate man.
Max: is  Ikemi’s boyfriend. He is a funny and good person. He loves IKemi very much, and he is a boy who works very hard. He goes to flying classes at the flying school.
Ross Peters: he’s  Max’s teacher at the flying school. He is fond of Max because he thinks that Max is a boy who works hard to get his dreams and illusions.
Rick and Elaine Bridges: are a married couple who live in a flat with their two children, and they fight against the storm for their lives and the lives of their children.
The story begins when Ikemi tells Max that she can’t see him again because her father disapproves of their relation.
The next day a storm comes to Florida while Hiru is fishing in the sea. Ikemi is very worried because her father doesn’t answer her calls. Ikemi finds Max in the marina, near the beach, and then they go to find Hiru on a plane that is the property of Ross Peters.
The book is easy to read and it was an exciting and entertaining story.
My favourite part of the story is when Ikemi and Max are in the eye of the storm. In my opinion, this part is really well described, because we don’t know how it will end.
I would recommend reading this book, because I think that it is easy to understand and it lets you have a good time reading it, and in my point of view, this type of books can serve us to learn more easily.

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Sonia reviews A Puzzle for Logan

The title of the book that I read is A PUZZLE FOR LOGAN.



It is a detective story. Two police officers  in Edinburgh, Inspector Jenny Logan and Sergeant Grant, investigate the escape from prison of the murderer Ronnie Campel, who killed Craig Sinclair seven years ago, and the death of Morag Machenzie, who is the person that made the police think that Campel killed Sinclair.

Finally, they discover that the murder who killed Morag Mackenzie and Craig Sinclair is the same person, Robert Baxter, who is a businessman and a hard criminal in Edinburgh but the police have never caught him.


I think that the main characteres are:

Jenny Logan, who is an inspector in the Edinburgh Police.

She has short brown hair and dark brown eyes and a long nose. She is a pretty and an intelligent woman. She works hard but because she is good-looking, people don’t always take her seriously.

Sergeant Grant, who is an officer helping Inspector Logan.

He is fifty-nine years old but looks younger. His hair is thick and black and he has a large black moustache.

Both discover who is the murder.


I liked the story because I was intrigued until the end of the book.

I think that the best part of the book was at the end when Mr. Maxter, after Jenny Logan had believed him,  she found a man who saw him leaving Sinclair’s body in the place where the body and his car were found, told the truth and recognized he was the murderer.

The story made me feel thrilled.

The new things that I learnt from this book were the new words and expressions.

I recommend this book because it is entertaining and the story is nice and interesting.

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Exámenes de Certificación 2012

Pruebas bloque 1 (writing, listening, reading) Miércoles, 30 de mayo (16:00h) Viernes, 1 de junio (16:00h)
Pruebas bloque 2 (speaking) A partir del 4 de junio, según la convocatoria en la EOI A partir del 4 de junio, según la convocatoria en la EOI
Pruebas bloque 1 (writing, listening, reading) Jueves, 6 de septiembre (16:00h) Lunes, 10 de septiembre(16:00h)
Pruebas bloque 2 (speaking) A partir del 12 de septiembre, según la convocatoria en la EOI A partir del 12 de septiembre, según la convocatoria en la EOI
  Enlaces de interés para el alumno candidato Pruebas 2012: Información general

Guía del candidato

Modelos de exámenes

Validez, a efectos académicos, de las destrezas aprobadas.


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2nd BASIC (2ºC) 3rd term-tests

Thursday 26th April: Writing


Tuesday 8th May:Listening+Writing

Thursday 10th May: Reading


Tuesday 22nd May: Oral

Thursday 24th May: Oral

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‘I will always love you,’ I promise.

This is one of the most common broken promises, perhaps because it’s also one of the most difficult ones to keep, too. However, thousands of people all over the world promise each other eternal love every day.

Tomorrow, Saint Valentine‘s Day, will probably be an especially busy day for all those partners who want to demonstrate their love by telling their loved ones, ‘I will always love you’  Maybe many of them will be recalling Whitney Houston’s song, too. I feel sorry she won’t be able to sing those beautiful lyrics with that powerful voice of hers again; neither will she hear somebody making that beautiful promise to her. How sad!

When we make a promise in English we use the Simple Future Tense, but this verbal form is also used for spontaneous decisions and predictions. Remember that the form ‘going to’ and the Present Continuous Tense are also used to express future.

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