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Travel and holidays


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About informal letters

Saro Rosales, a teacher from another EOI, has this useful presentation on informal letters. If you still have doubts about how to write them, have a look at this:

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A look back on the year 2012

1012 is drawing to a close rapidly and that has made me thought that I might ask you to choose an event from among the many stories that have occurred this year. Then I’ve wondered which one I would pick myself  and the death of Emilio Aragón, the clown ‘Miliki’ , has first sprung to my mind. ‘How sad!’ I’ve thought. ‘How can I only recall a sad piece of news?’ But then I’ve realized that the memories his death has brought are full of joy and happiness because those were the feelings he and his circus family aroused whenever they asked us, Spanish children, ‘How are “ustedes”?’


That funny face brought the best in us when he with Gaby and Fofó taught children to sing and laugh in unison. At that time we did not have computers, Playstations or XBoxes. There were only two channels on  Spanish TV, which still broadcast in black and white when they began work on “The Great Circus of TVE” program. We grew up laughing at their prodigious humour sketches and singing “Hello Don Pepito”, “Susanita has a mouse” and many other songs.  We, people in our 40’s or 50’s now, will never forget those songs and perhaps we will or will have already passed them on to new generations of Spanish children.

Now this is your Christmas homework:

A look back on the year 2012
Choose one piece of news, event or anecdote that has taken place this year and try to summarize it in your own words.
On the first day after holidays -8th/9th January- each student will tell (NOT read) their story to their clasmates in no more than 3 minutes.
You can look for ideas on the Internet, but remember that you won’t be allowed to read your summary-only to show pictures to accompany your report- so try to organize your ideas. You might include information about the people/animals/things involved, the time, the place, the event/s that happened and the reason why you chose that story.

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Airports and flying

Here you have some activities to help you learn more about the topic we’re dealing with these days:

Air travel

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Are you always a picture of health when you wake up in the morning?

That was one of the questions you had to ask each other in class today and probably the type of questions which make people smile. Well, at least that’s what happens to me when I think about the way I look first in the morning. Besides, I suppose that in this context we might well add: …and the older, the worse; so I mustn’t complain since I’m older than most of you, my dear students.

Anyway, here you have some links to practise more on the topic of health:

  • Vocabulary on illnesses and medical advice:


  • Alternative medicine:




After all these activities on the topic of health, I hope you’re neither feeling nor being sick, but you’re still in good shape for the next lesson.

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Describing a picture

In order to write (100-150 words) your own description of a picture -choose one that you’d like to describe to your classmates- I recommend you to look at this video that I took from a colleague from EOI Aracena in Huelva. Thank you Jesús for it; it’s really well-done and quite clearly explained.

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The parts of the body

Start your revision of the parts of the body on BBC Learning English. You can look at the chart which shows the major parts of the body and listen to the words at the same time.

Later you can check what you’ve learnt doing this vocabulary activity or if you like it, playing the hangman.

Also I recommend you this listening from Elllo.

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What am I like?

These are the answers to the exercises on page 9 from your Student’s Books:

vocabulary key

Now, would you like to try this personality test? How about giving it a try?


But if you were not satisfied with your charater analysis you’ve got lots of personality tests here


You can also learn and do more activities on the topic on the links below:






After these activities you can do a piece of homework for next week: write a short text (75 to 100 words) about an incident/situation in which you or somebody else was involved. It can be real or invented, but in your writing you have to use one of the idiomatic expressions (ex. c  Idioms) you learnt on page 146 from your Student’s Book.

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