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Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood

The poem I asked you to read last week was written by Roald Dahl, a really polific author who was born in 1916. This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. You can read about this on the school library blog.

This is his personal version of the traditional fairy tale. You can enjoy it both by listening to him telling the story and by reading it yourselves at the same time. As in many of his writings, there is a twist in the tale at the end.

I’ve thought that you could compare this version to a more traditional one by Perrault on Storynory, a website where you can enjoy reading and listening to 100s of free audio stories. You can also download them for free.

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_______, how beautiful you are!

  • “The streets and buildings of the old part of ___ have been declared Historical and Artistic Monument by the ___ Government. The city preserves important remains from the past, some of them really magnificent.”
  • “It was the first noble building to be erected out of the city walls, in its southern side. It was the beginning of a great urban development in ___.

… two-floor building. The ground floor -under arcades- and the additional rooms placed on top were hired in the past for commercial activities.

A clocktower was added on top of the building in the 19th century. Nowadays the palace is entirely devoted to politic and administrative labours.” 2

  • “This is the street that preserves most of the traces and vestiges from medieval ___; in fact, it was the most important of all the streets placed inside the walls of the medieval city.” 3
  • “It is a very well preserved monument of small dimensions, delicate and harmonious.

This church was built in order to respond to the religious needs of the only quarter in ___ that was placed outside the medieval city walls. Its neighbours were dedicated exclusively to sea-related works. Its construction started in the beginning of the 13th century and took a long time to finish.” 8

  • “…, this is a splendid mansion built in 1903 in an area that was then beginning to be the city’s modern part.” 11
  • “It is probably the most singular architectonic space in ___. Its perfect symmetry and the fact that this square is completely sorrounded by galleries makes it stunningly original.” 12
  • “This building is the most outstanding palace in ___ since it was finished in the 17th century. Some experts think that its southern façade is the best example of ___ Baroque.” 16
  • “___ is along with ___ one of the most singular and popular streets in the city. The side under the arcades forms a charming, never-ending maze when viewed from ___ Square.” 24

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Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac Peter Green

Black Magic Woman, written by Peter Green

Got a black magic woman
I got a black magic woman
Yes, I got a black magic woman 
Got me so blind I can't see
But she's a black magic woman 
And she's tryin' to make a devil out of me

Don't turn your back on me baby
Don't turn your back on me baby
Yes, don't turn your back on me baby
You're messin' around with your tricks
Don't turn your back on me baby
'Cause you might just break up my magic stick

You got your spell on me baby
You got your spell on me baby
Yes, you got your spell on me baby
You're turning my heart into stone
I need you so bad, magic woman, I can't leave you alone

Yes, I need you so bad 
Well, I need you darling
Yeah, I need you darling 
Yes, I want you love me
I want you love me 
Whoa, I want you love me, ah
Whoh, yeah 
Oh, whoa, baby 
Yes, I need your love
Oh, I need your love so bad
I want you love me

Reading (advanced): Music: the story of the Blues

50 greatest traditional blues songs

100 Greatest Blues Songs

Rock Hits You Didn’t Realize Were Blues Songs

Listening:     Good Old Blues

Sad music helps mend broken hearts

Muddy Waters playing ‘Mannish Boy’:

( “hoochie-coochie man” meaning)

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The “unsinkable” ship: the Titanic

This is an incredibly complete unit on the uses of the past simple and past continuous forms on BBC Learning English, a great website with loads of resources. In this unit, number 7, of their Lower-intermediate course you can also listen, watch and read about an event in the past century that will keep on people’s minds forever: the sinking of the Titanic (14th April 1912)


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Tips to choose an English Graded Reader

Whenever I am at the school library, English students often ask me this question, ‘What reader shall I take and read?’ I often give them some quick ideas about what steps to take in order to choose well.

As you probably know, readers are written specifically for learners at a particular learning level and therefore they introduce grammar and vocabulary in a very targeted way. These books are graded according level and if the student chooses the right level, they can be read more easily , without the constant help of a dictionary.

Sometimes they have been adapted from ‘real’ books


but other readers have been written specially for learners of English.

two lives

Nowadays a lof of them also come with audio recording; that way students can learn pronunciation and improve their listening skills as well.

If you haven’t tried reading graded books yet, come to our school library and choose one to start with. But if you have already read one or more, you could tell us what books would you recommend.

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Learning English with videos

Do you use videos to learn English? Do you prefer watching them with subtitles? Is it a good idea? The following video can help you to consider what’s best for you.

These are several sites where you can find videos with subtitles:


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25 years without the Berlin Wall

Where was this photo taken? What was the woman doing? Yes, you’ve guessed it. The place was in Berlin; that was the wall that divided the city for 28 years (1961-1989) and kept Berliners apart. People could not cross the border between the East and the West parts to meet their families and friends. The woman in the picture, a Berliner, was probably trying to communicate with somebody on the other side of the wall, maybe family, o perhaps a lover. Who knows? It’s a sad image: she looks tiny compared to the the mass of concrete, iron and wire in front of her. Such a short distance between her and her beloved one but so far away from each other!

Berliners talking

Fortunately, 25 years ago the border was opened and families, friends and neighbours could cross it and reunite. Many others climbed up the hated wall and jumped to the other side to meet. That was the beginning of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a momentous time in history.


There have been lots of important moments in history, and hopefully there will be many more to come, but if you had to choose just one now, which would it be?

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Reading Practice Tests


Here you have some links to do reading tests online:


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What would you do if a… shark attacked you?

You’ve read about the best course of action when attacked by this incredible dangerous animal. Here you can listen to the way Eric Nerhus, an Australian diver aged 41, managed to survive the animal’s deadly bite. I wouldn’t have had his courage if I had been Eric!

Video on CBN Television

You can read the article below if you want to know more about the details of this incredible story of survival against all odds.

BBC News article

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