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Your favourite childhood Christmas memories

I’d like you to participate in our school library activity this Christmas season. You just need to follow the instructions on the library blog. Enjoy writing about your dearest memories and share them with us!

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It’s all about experiences

Last Friday we learnt how to write posts on a Padlet – a virtual board- and you started to share some of  your experiences with your mates. I asked you to write about things you’ve done and/or you haven’t done in your lives yet. Some of you have already participated in this activity, but if you haven’t, you can still take part; you just need to click on the image below and follow the instructions there.


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Digital painting: painting on a screen

Can you image Velázquez, Van Gogh, Picasso,  and many other great artists replacing canvas and paint with a screen? That ‘s digital painting: a virtual canvas -the traditional medium-  and virtual brushes and colors. David Hockney’s Fresh Flowers is a good example of this method of creating art.

Now, I recommend you to do the listening activity on page 9 in your Workbook, so you know a little more about the artist and the new technique.

Finally, I suggest these two links to previous entries on the topic of picture description. :



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A For and Against essay

Here there some links from different websites that will help you to write a “For and against” essay and to distinguish is from an opinion essay.






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Writing letters and emails

Writing an informal email or letter (taken from https://carmenlu.com/)


An informal letter (taken from https://englishinguiaintermedio.wordpress.com/)

An informal email (taken from https://englishinguiaintermedio.wordpress.com/)






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Your short stories: “I was there when it all happened…”



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Guess the mystery character!


mistery character

Our mystery character is a middle-aged British man with a funny appearance  He has brown hair and brown eyes. He has a large nose and big ears. He usually wears a brown suit with a red tie.

He rarely speaks but he is very good at solving the problems he usually causes himself in an unusual and comic way.

By the way, he’s is not real; he is a fictional character!

If you think you know his name, send a comment. I also encourage you to write your own descriptions for the rest of us to guess.

Yes, you guessed right: he is Mr Bean. Here you can see him in one of his funniest episodes

Finally, if  you want to learn more about descriptions, click here.

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Writing emails

The following sites can help you to learn about writing emails in English:emails

Differences between formal and informal emails:

Writing an informal email or letter:

Writing emails: openings and endings:

Examples of informal emails:

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Bárbara on The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

View this document on Scribd

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