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Time for a riddle!

According to the dictionary, a riddle is “a puzzling question, problem or matter”. Now you might be wondering what the meaning of puzzling is. Well, it’s similar to confusing. If you like riddles in Spanish, you’ll probably enjoy this in English.

The sites below provide a variety of logic puzzles and riddles:

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This used to be my playground by Madonna

This is a beautiful ballad about wishing to keep your childhood memories when you’ve come to be an adult and life sometimes seems to be getting rougher and rougher every day. It’s all about longing for the time when you had lots of dreams and few worries. I’m not especially keen on Madonna, but I love this song.

The song is also a very good example of the verb form “used to” to express past habits or facts. Here you’ve got some links to study.

used to grammar

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise about song

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What did she say?


Last day we learnt that in English there are two different ways of expressing the words of another person: Direct and Indirect Speech. Indirect or Reported Speech is different to Direct Speech because it does not phrase the statement or question in the same way as the original speaker. Direct speech is very simple as the exact words of the original speaker are reported in quotation marks.

Direct Speech Reported Speech
She said, “You look good in that.” She said that I looked good in this.

Reported Speech grammar.

Reported statements exercise.

Reported questions exercise.

Funny video: “Office Gossip”

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Would your life be the same if…?

Would your life be the same if you had been born in a different country? The answer to the question is pretty obvious, but just thinking about it can make us understand life outside our home. We can imagine what our life would be like in another country by comparing living conditions, and ifitweremyhome.com provides a tool to compare country conditions.


Conditional sentences links:




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1st INT (1ºD, 1ºF, 1ºH, 1ºG, 1ºJ) 3rd term tests

1ºD (15:30h), 1ºF(17:00h), 1ºH (20:00h)

  • Monday 16th May: Listening+Writing

  • Friday 20th May: Reading

  • Wednesday 18th May: Oral /Monday 23rd May: Oral


1ºG (17:30h), 1ºJ (20:00h)

  • Tuesday 17th May: Listening+Writing

  • Friday 20th May: Reading

  • Thursday 19th May: Oral /Tuesday 24th May: Oral

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Nothing compares to you?




  • Below you can read about the most interesting,  funniest or  wierdest records in the world. What is your favourite World record?

    The Guinness World Records

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It’s all about experiences

Last Friday we learnt how to write posts on a Padlet – a virtual board- and you started to share some of  your experiences with your mates. I asked you to write about things you’ve done and/or you haven’t done in your lives yet. Some of you have already participated in this activity, but if you haven’t, you can still take part; you just need to click on the image below and follow the instructions there.


Made with Padlet

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1st INT (1ºD, 1ºF, 1ºH, 1ºG, 1ºJ) 2nd term tests

1ºD (15:30h), 1ºF(17:00h), 1ºH (20:00h)

  • Wednesday 2nd March: Listening+Writing

  • Monday 7th March: Reading+Oral /Wednesday 9th March: Reading+Oral


1ºG (17:30h), 1ºJ (20:00h)

  • Thursday 3rd March: Listening+Writing

  • Tuesday 8th March: Reading+Oral /Thursday 10th March: Reading+Oral

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Let’s go shopping!

Here is a video on the topic


Mr Bean again! This time he’s gone shopping; I hope you’ll get a bit of fun watching him.

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What are you looking forward to?

Are you really excited and pleased that something is going to happen to you this year? Maybe it has already happened. Are there any good things coming up in the next few months: perhaps a special celebration or a long-awaited event in your life, or just a holiday?

Well, if that is the case, which I hope it is, you might be counting down the days. Supposing you even like to count down the seconds to a particular event in your life, I suggest you this website where you can personalize your own countdown timer.  Here you can see an example of a timer for New Year.


Last year -such a ‘long’ time ago already!- some of you shared your dream New Year’s plans with me. However, most of you were not able to make your dreams come true, I guess. But why not next Christmas? Let’s be optimistic and hope next end of the year you will be having that fastastic celebration you’ve already planned.


View this document on Scribd


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