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Happy Book Day 2015!

In 1995 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) decided to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on 23th April since that date is the anniversary of the death of Cervantes, of William Shakespeare, and of several other writers. Every year numerous events are organized in a lot of countries all over the world to promote books and reading. In Catalonia, Spain, today is Sant Jordi (Saint George’s Day) and people celebrate it exchanging books as well as roses, since it’s also the Day of the Rose.


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Tips to choose an English Graded Reader

Whenever I am at the school library, English students often ask me this question, ‘What reader shall I take and read?’ I often give them some quick ideas about what steps to take in order to choose well.

As you probably know, readers are written specifically for learners at a particular learning level and therefore they introduce grammar and vocabulary in a very targeted way. These books are graded according level and if the student chooses the right level, they can be read more easily , without the constant help of a dictionary.

Sometimes they have been adapted from ‘real’ books


but other readers have been written specially for learners of English.

two lives

Nowadays a lof of them also come with audio recording; that way students can learn pronunciation and improve their listening skills as well.

If you haven’t tried reading graded books yet, come to our school library and choose one to start with. But if you have already read one or more, you could tell us what books would you recommend.

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