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Movie scenes that ‘will go on and on…’ in my memory

This is one of those movie scenes that will be etched(fixed) on my memory forever: it is the famous “I’m flying!” scene from Titanic, the drama-romance directed by James Cameron and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Which is/are yours?

Here you can read the script lines for this scene:

Rose: Hello Jack. I changed my mind. They said you might be out here.
Jack: Shhh. Gimme your hand. Now close your eyes, go on. Now step up. Now hold on to the railing. Keep your eyes closed, don’t peek.
Rose: I’m not.
Jack: Step up on the railing. Hold on, hold on. Keep your eyes closed. Do you trust me?
Rose: I trust you.
[Jack opens Rose’s arms]
Jack: All right. Open your eyes.
Rose: [gasp] I’m flying, Jack!
[Jack starts singing]
Jack: Come, Josephine, in my flying machine, going up, she goes up, up she goes.
[they kiss]

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